Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The White Warg and her Retinue

Here is the finished base of the White Warg, she leads a small group of wargs and large wolves into battle. Just one look and a snarl from her keeps the pack in line. This group of Wargs will lead the huge wolf army, consisting of many packs.

Using the Dragon Rampant rules, her unit will be classed as 'Greater Warbeast 'with six wounds, one for each hound of Sauron.

 Her wolf units will be classed as 'lesser Warbeast'. The units will have six wounds each, although I have created the units using ten models as It looked more like a wolf pack than just six figures.

 I figure that wolves are quite wily and even though they number many they won't hang around too long If the fighting gets too fierce and turns against them. So a group of ten wolves will slink away once four or five of their number have been slain.

The White Warg is a Reaper Bones 'polymer' model, so was a bargain price for such a large figure. I found the secret with these Reaper Bones models is to give them a grey undercoat first, this goes some way to stop the paints 'sweating' and going shiny, as I have found with the others.

 A really good matt varnish is strong recommended with these 'polymer' models. I have just bought some Testors matt cote from eBay and It seems to do the trick. Windsor and Newton do another good matt spray varnish.

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Verbil Gerbil said...

Splendid! She looks fearsome