Sunday, August 28, 2016

Test Tau

Working on the idea that the Tau battle suits would make great  Mechs for the 15mm Soriog range, I bought a couple cheap on eBay and started to experiment with painting techniques. Not having a air brush, I worked with spray paints. The results were okay but I think with the thicker paint results I will stick to just two colours next time. It was fun to mess around with camo, however after giving it an unhealthy amount of thought I think I will paint the Soriog machinery with just one colour.

The results above (crude as they are) were achieved by using blue tack as a masking material, then washing with ink and weathering the model by dabbing paint with a sponge. The test above was worth doing as I learnt some valuable lessons.

1 comment:

Guidowg said...

That looks fantastic, came out great. 40K drags me away from ancients every now and then, but it has to be done. Or so says the Emperor!!!