Saturday, September 17, 2016

Hay You! Get off my Land!

 My first bit of painting for months and so I thought I would ease back into It slowly. I picked up these hay stacks from War Bases at Colours 2016. At £8 I paused for a while, thinking I could make my own from Daz, but in the end I gave in.
A simple terrain feature and dead easy to paint. I sprayed them dessert yellow then washed with Army Painter strong shade. A few high lights here and there and job done.
 I started to think about getting some forces ready for Pikeman's lament out next January and these stacks are great for ECW. I don't suppose they are much good at catching lead, so will probably be classed as soft cover...CAREFUL JON...I SUGGEST KNEEING. No it's no good he can't hear me from here.
I enjoyed painting these and they got me back into the saddle...time to tidy the painting area and get organised.


Conrad Kinch said...

And if all else fails you can use them in a wrestling game.

As the giant haystack.

I'll get my coat.

Secundus said...

Hee hee that was the last straw...

Phil said...

Very nice!!

James said...

Haystacks are great addition to the terrain
Really help that open terrain look more like a field and less like flat table top.

NaRong said...

The Rolling Stones are playing Ohio Stadium. Wild horses couldn't have dragged Woody Hayes to the show

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