Monday, December 19, 2016

Creating Gundabad Orcs

 I have been having great fun with these Warlord plastic orcs and various Perry plastic box sets. To add a little variety to the unit I bought some 'War of the Roses' plastics for their nasty looking bill hooks. Again they work well with the orc torsos. The orc captain above is styled on the various captains taken from the Peter Jackson LOTR films with the side crest like a Centurion.
 Another little thing I'm excited about is the discovery of plastic card. I did buy some thick stuff but it proved a little too thick to cut into detailed shades, however, I found some really thin stuff which is excellent for armour etc. Orc armour is pretty rough and ready so it is great to mocking stuff up, the crapper the better with orcs.
Here I am also using the thin plastic card to create shields. The wood is cut up lolly sticks with the tiny rivets being created by Gel super glue. Looking forward to painting this lot up and seeing what they look like.


AJ (Allan) Wright said...

They look great! Nothing like that custom touch to make your orcs look 'irregular'. Can't have enough spikes on them.

Tiago Fernandes Vitorino said...

They are really looking great!
One thing I found useful to give some kind of texture to flat surfaces like plasticard is the liquid greenstuff (which isn't that useful to fill gaps).
Great material here man, I'll be trying some of those things for sure :)


Secundus said...

Liquid green stuff eh, I've never tried that, might pop that one in the basket next time in GW shop, cheers for tip.

Secundus said...

Bought some Liquid Green stuff yesterday, thanks for the tip.

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These are amazing creatures that you have created. The finishing touches to them have added to their appeal. They look so real.

NaRong said...

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