Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Got to Love Charity Shops!

 My Wife snapped up these two amazing bargains in a local charity shop. £4 for the 40K and £5 for the massive WarHammer book. I don't imagine I will get around to playing either soon but they are a wealth of artwork and eye candy. I think they must be quite recent as the figures inside are very current. I feel sorry for the guy who had these then decided not to play it anymore, they have hardly been touched. I wonder if these books being dis-guarded are the result of the Age Of Sigmar...properly not who knows.They have found their way back to the Imperium now.
A steal though which ever way you look at it, brightened up my bad day any how. I was interested to read up about the races but found the chapters short and full of new guff which didn't really get me.


Anonymous said...

An excellent find, well done. Must be the week for good finds, I found Heroquest by MB games 100% complete in a charity shop on Tuesday for £4.
Your blog is an excellent read, thanks for all your posts.

Willz H

Secundus said...

Ha Ha It's funny isn't it. Us old school gamers are cleaning up as the new generation loses heart. there is a certain charm to a lot of those old games, even if it's just a trip down memory lane. £4 can't go wrong with that great find. I am tempted to see how much these two books are going on eBay for just to make myself feel even more smug.

Anonymous said...

Do it I nearly chocked on my cheap red wine when I saw what Heroquest goes for on flea-bay.

Willz H

Anonymous said...

also forgot how to spell choked doh!

Willz H

NaRong said...

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