Monday, June 26, 2017

The eagles are Coming...Slowly but Surely.

 A old Gandalf figure from Citadel next to an eagle toy from Plastoy. I bought this guy off Amazon and was really happy at the size. Larger than the Schleich models but not by too much, just enough. I think he has a good scale to the 28mm figures too.
 My crowded painting table comes under aerial attack. I have a couple more of the 'wings up' Schleich model but I doubt I'll ever have room to field them, these guys are going to come in as expensive when It comes to points.

I have based the colouring on a Golden Eagle, to lesson the points values, I'm going to make two of them juveniles ( with the white feathers) and they will be less skilled and less expensive.
At the moment I have two hours a week to paint what with work and family commitments, these eagles are great and quick to paint with lots of wet and dry brushing going on, that said, my two hours are up for this week. Next week I hope to get a little bit closer to finishing them.

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Jack said...

Wow! That's an impressive nod to focus! You have really done an impressive job with creation of these sculptures. They look so near to the real ones.