Thursday, March 22, 2018

Back on the old ACW trail again...

 Just thinking out aloud about some Artillery bases. Looking through my MDF collection I found I had a load of 120mm x 60mm bases I had bought for a rule set that never happened. I was thinking these could do for the section base. They already fit the four horse limber team, but I thought they might be a little long for the gun section. I noticed the Perrys include 100mm x 50mm bases for their guns in their plastics kits so I'm not too far off. The extra mm could help with the larger redoubt figures...anyway food for thought.
It would be nice to use all six figures that come with most Artillery sets and a long base could be the way. The pics above are just to help me place the team around the gun and the spacing with the figures. My limbers will be on the 120mm x 60mm horse team base. 240mm could make for a long Artillery base when on the move...I'll have to see when I get home.

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