Wednesday, March 28, 2018

ACW Artillery base size and colour?

 I'm trying out two options here, the long 120mm x 60mm and the smaller 80mm x 60mm. The smaller one makes more sense with turning arcs etc but the longer base gives more room for diorama. I'm using Infantry for layout and positioning only.
 I've done a lot of research about the gun colours, Olive green is mentioned but these guns always look more grey/green to me. I've found some great Tamiya paints which should cover this, they also do a good grey green which so far is my favourite. It's the first one on the colour strip.

 Warlord ECW horses help map out the size of the Limber base (120mm x 60mm) just so I can get an idea of the over all size of the unit when attached to the Limber.
 The Artillery base sizes next to each other. I think as long as the canon is set back from the edge and towards the middle the base shouldn't look too big. This also gives some nice space at the front to place the rammer and bucket etc.
The last paint colour here is a blue from Tamiya again this will be used to paint a couple of Confederate pieces.


Phil Curran said...

Scale has an effect on colour so I would go slightly lighter than the swatch so the model stands out on the tabletop.

Дмитрий Фомин said...

I agree with Phil. The scale affects the color.The smaller the scale,the lighter you need to make the color.

Secundus said...

Thank you Gentlemen that is a good thing to know. Sometimes I feel a bit weird just posting my thoughts and work in process but yet again it was worth doing.
A little while back another blogger told me about the right position of the standards in a Union regiment, i had been getting it wrong for about twenty years. The community is a wealth of knowledge and can sometimes help with stuff that just isn't in the books. Thanks again gents :).