Monday, February 18, 2019


I'm not quite sure what I will actually make these guys, at the moment I see them as Heavy VTOLS carrying two squads of infantry. The smaller craft are either going to be smaller one man squad VTOLS or some kind of fighter/ attack craft.
The Soriog craft are patterned like the dreaded Apocs from their home world, a touch they hope will strike fear into their enemies.
The Soriogs have a landing force at last, The outer colonies had better watch out.


Phil Curran said...

That works.

Francis Lee said...

What company do the VTOLs?

J Jackaman said...

Love the tiger stripe camo.

Secundus said...

The VTOLS are Halo toys from Amazon, the scale seems to fit with 15mm. This is the thing i like the most about playing this scale, looking for cheap vehicles and buildings to use.