Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Basing the Zulu War

Well, I’ve had a busy couple of days trying to figure this one out, finally I made a decision and went for it.
 My Anglo Zulu forces have been collected to play the Osprey's The men who would be kings. To this end I had based them on single bases, however the thought of moving hundreds of single Zulus around gave me a little concern. I've never really been a fan of movement trays and have always lent towards the big base with added scenery.

 One of the biggest problems though was storage, I noticed my single mounted, light weight plastics were taking a battering in the storage boxes, the slender Zulu throwing spears in particular.
 I had planned to base these guys on a double round base of around 40mm but then I happened across the wonderful blog...The lonely Gamers. I was amazed at what I saw and a new plan was hatched, with bigger multiple bases I can make sure all of those slender, brittle spears are safely tucked away in the middle of the base. This would help storage and prevent damage to the mind had been swayed.
The way I figured it ' The men who would be kings' is a large skirmish game and so the base sizes aren't that important as long as you keep a track of the causalities. I have hundreds of 60x40mm bases from years ago when I was planning HOTT armies and I've been trying to use them ever since. At first I lined up the Brits for these bases but they looked a little too spaced out, a more compacted double line looked better so I switched them to 40x40mm bases. The Zulus however looked great on the larger bases and so that was that. An extra figure was added making it four to a base and the visual look was complete. Both sets of bases look good, the British look like small knots of men in open order and a struggling firing line when formed up. The Zulus have the look of great waves of men running across the Velt in their slightly linear formation. Over all I'm really pleased with the look of the units and they defiantly look the part visually.
My only slight worry is the different base size and figure count on the two opposing sides but this shouldn't be too hard to iron out in the game. Some small dice can keep track of wounds. The figure count works out nicely too with the Zulu's having 16 men (4 men to a base) to a unit and the Brits having 12 (3 men to a base).
Working out the base sizes. Although the British looked good on the 60mm frontage they didn't have the same impact as being tightly packed together, so after some thought I took them down to 40mm frontage and a double rank was added These look was taken from the Lonely Gamer's blog with it's never ending eye candy.
British firing line mounted on 40x40mm bases, a mix of Perry plastics and Empress miniatures.
Officers or characters can be left on single bases and accompany the unit.


Phil Curran said...

Is it this tutorial?

Secundus said...

Well not really although that is handy to know, it was more to do with looking at their Zulu armies and working out the base sizes and what looked good. Their units look amazing and it really swayed my way of thinking. I increased my Zulu frontage though because the Perry Zulus are quite animated and needed a bit more room.

Guidowg said...

Ahh basing, the bane of every wargamer.
Fantastic work so far by the way.