Wednesday, December 04, 2019

Making orc helmets

 This standard bearer was always moaning about the cold so I bought him an early Christmas gift...yes orcs do celebrate Christmas!
 These were great fun to make and some turned out better than others. Although they were made by orcs, so quality wise you can get away with quite a lot. In fact I was so egar to get sculpting that I started without letting the glue dry on the models, this meant I kept pushing the head off the body. In the end I took the head off altogether and just stuck a blob of green stuff on the torso and started sculpting. It looks a bit weird but should be okay when painted up. Another thing I found by trial and error is to leave the green stuff for around thirty minutes before trying to work it. I didn’t wait and it was very hard to get nice details punched into the armour. We live and learn and next time I know what to do.

These are very addictive and I’m not sure how many I will have made by the time I have sated myself. I hope they will bring a little more variety into the ranks of snarling, dirty orcs.

The nice thing about this stuff is that you can always add to it when it's dry and take a file to it to even things out. Another thing on my to do list, is to try out some chain mail by using a sharpened paperclip.


szeperd said...

Brilliant way to get the orcs even more spicy.

caveadsum1471 said...

Nice bit of personalisation!
Best Iain