Sunday, December 01, 2019

Creating more Gundabad orcs

 I can’t believe how addictive creating these plastic conversions are. Although I remember it like yesterday, the last time I tinkered around with plastic orcs was around two or three years ago. Since then there has been many great plastic releases that can all be used to add to the variety of the conversions. Oathmark have even released an actual Goblin set with loads of arm and weapon options. The only thing is once you start to make these guys, the ideas start to come and before you know it you have another horde to paint up. All this was quite off putting until I remembered my own style of painting them... keep it simple. One base colour then wash with black. Spend more time on the flesh bits but try not to get too bogged down.

Since I last made any orcs I have joined a wargaming in Middle-earth Facebook group, some of the figures on here have been painted very well over many hours. This can be off putting when thinking about starting your own stuff again but you must remember what works for you and stick to it. I’m very much going for the overall look of an army rather than small groups of warriors.

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