Thursday, April 19, 2007

Campaign News

With the campaign well under way, a decision has been made to reform some of the armies in the game for better play. A fantastic set of Infantry and Cavalry stats have been found on the Internet, that cover every possible troop type used in the Roman army and we have decided to use them, rather than the simple stat lines in the Warhammer rule book.
However, In these new stats, Auxiliary troops have to be either formed in close order or used as light Infantry, they can not do both. As most of my Auxiliaries are based in close order, It means I will have to paint up units of skirmishers from scratch to finish the armies.
As a painter, this doesn't worry me much and allows me time to add even more character into the existing Armies as they stand. It will see horse archers in the army of Syria and wolf cloaked Auxiliaries in the Army of the Rhine, not to mention moors in the army of Africa. The new skirmish units will be small at about twelve figures each, so hopefully play will only be held up for a month or so. However, the new stat lines and unit rules are worth the effort and the wait.

Light Infantry wanted! join up today and see the world....make new friends in foreign lands...Roman style!

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Larry said...

Where did you find these stats?

In case I don't get back to your blog for a few days could you e-mail me the info?

correus @ yahoo. com