Monday, April 16, 2007

A great Roman read

Here are some books worth reading If you like all things Roman. Unlike the fantastic Scarrow books, which are fiction at its best, these are written as descriptive histories. I prefer them slightly because of my lust for fact and knowledge over someone else's imagination. The first book is about Caesar's famous 10th Legion and is the only book I've read that got my blood racing, some passages were like watching a really good action movie. Great energy to be converted into painting figures.
The second is about the 14th Legion and its role through the civil wars up to the great victory over Boudicca and the Iceni in Britannia. I love these books and to me they seem to be made for war gamers with lots of details and facts, that leave you grasping for more. The author is Australian born Stephen Dando-Collins who has spent the last thirty years identifying and studying the individual Legions of Rome and this guy really knows his stuff!
To my delight there is a third book out now which covers one of my favourite Legions, the III Gallica.....a must have I think!


Pleader said...

Wow. Unit histories of Rome! When I get off my aerial trip I'll certainly give them a look.

simon said...

The second book is just as good as the first and has a great chapter on Germanicus and his German campaigns.