Sunday, April 01, 2007

Kircatius of the Dumnonii

Well the Dumnonii are taking shape and just need flocking to finish them off. Carrying on the huntsman theme of the Dumnonii, I have given the some of the warriors animals designs on their shields. One even has a fishing scene....he must be proud of his fishing prowess! The others carry mostly wild boar and stags with hunting dogs appearing in a few.
Another touch to single them out on the battlefield, Is the blue war paint across the eyes, which does actually work and makes them a little scary to look at. I took this idea from an old episode of 'Robin of Sherwood', a big favourite of mine and my friends. This final touch helps link Kirk with his war band, because the episode was a favourite of his.

The black shields were inspired by the tales from King Arthur and the 'Black shield Irish'. By giving them all black shields, the unit has a real sense of unity on the field. Just what you need to keep your men together when facing the might of Rome face to face.


Anonymous said...

hi, celt fan here, good to see the artwork this last moonth - been meaning to comment blog.coz for ages! sorry its been so long!since its beltene this full moon, the armys will be able to see a little clearer in the light of this may blossom!? hopefully see u soon, with love to the expanded, smoke-free cabinet, stay cool and remember the romans are still here!!

simon said...

Hi ya Emm, I hope you are well and wheather isn't getting you down over there. It took me a while then to work out the message, but I got there in the end...the moon comments helped. Yeah, hopefully see you when you're next over, in the mean time you've plenty of Celts of your own to worry about!

Larry said...

I might have to steel these ideas!!!