Wednesday, September 12, 2007

How to build a villa in six hundred and forty easy steps

4. Here you can see I've used Tony to measure up the doors and windows, It's important to remember that if you are going to spend the best part of forty hours making something, it's best to get the basics right at the beginning and for that, Tony was invaluable. 3. Once the pieces had been worked out to scale and windows and doors arranged the actual construction of the Villa takes only a moment. Taping it together, I was able to make minor adjustments and tweaks, still using a 28mm figure as a scale guide....let's call him Tony.

2. One of my first problems was to make up the rest of the Villa from my imagination. This was made easier when I found a great picture in a kids book I had at work, showing the front of a Villa and the Colonnade. Great! I thought, that will do.

1. The most important thing I think, when making or drawing anything is to also do your research before hand and get plenty of reference. Even if you think you know everything there to know on a subject you will always surprise yourself. Being an artist, I gladly swallowed what pride I had long ago and jump straight for the reference books every time. So, as you can see, I first started to troll through every Roman book I had with villas in and not to my surprise, the best were children's history books. I started off cutting the end pieces of the Villa to get the height and used a figure for scale.

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