Saturday, December 15, 2007

Campaign Map

So here it is at last, the latest version of the great Campaign Map.
As you can see, after watching and building up his forces, Alanicus has swept all before him in the East using a different tactic to that of Tullus and Secundus....huge bribes, to buy rather than fight provinces.
After losing the battle at Valentia, Secundus has pulled back and taken Noricum to make up for the loss of Aples Gallia. He now faces having his kingdom cut in two by a victorious Tullus. Although Tullus could find himself caught between two huge field armies if he advances.
Tullus has secured most of North Africa but finds he has missed the prize of Egypt which Alanicus had in his sights from the very start and bypassed Arabia to snatch it. However, Alanicus after paying a massive bribe has only landed with a tiny force to take Egypt and could find he has bitten off more than he can chew, if Tullus marches on him from the West.


Anonymous said...

This has been an amazingly inspiring Roman campaign and modelling blog!

Could you share some more details of the campaign rules, either here or in an article in a magazine such as Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy or Wargames Illustrated?


simon said...

Thankyou I'm glad you're enjoying the Blog, comments like yours make it all worth while. The rules are quite basic, but I'll scan in the table of the gods for the blog. I don't know how it will turn out but i'll give it a go, It's one of the only things I managed to get typed up on word, the rest of the rules are in note books and scribbled on a rough copy of the campaign map itself.The Table of the Gods is a list of a hundred different events the players have to roll on every season. There are four seasons in a year(of course), three normal and the last one is an off season, where only half the income from the Provinces can be collected. It may be of use or spawn new ideas to use in your own games.I'll print them up soon for you. Ave! Simon.