Saturday, December 15, 2007

Tullus learns of Egypt (campaign 77)

Tired and weary of the war, Tullus grabs a few well earned moments away from the nagging Senators and their crys for action. It is while he is relaxing that he is handed news of Alanicus's daring strike on Egypt and the city of Alexandria.
Still on campaign in Gaul, Tullus quickly sends messages to L.Cornelius Gracchus, the General of the North African army, to start raising new Auxiliary Cohorts amongst the tribes. Most notably, the skilled light horse men of the region.
Gracchus has taken his time raising and training his new army and has paid for it by the loss of one of the most richest Provinces in the Empire. Lets hope the time taken in training has been worth it, only time will tell.

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