Friday, May 09, 2008

Not all roads lead to Rome!

Well here we are a last, after returning from a short trip to Gaul, I managed to finish my roads. Using better earth and sand colours, I repainted the entire lot and with various levels of dry brushing, managed to bring out all the new texture. After it was repainted I flocked areas with different grass colours to add detail and add to the effect of an over grown trade route. A good tip; I used PVA glue to model cart and waggon tracks in the road, when they were dry I painted them a dark brown. This colour was then given a wash of watered down PVA glue, which drys looking shiny and wet. Thus wet muddy tracks were produced. The PVA works better on this subject matter than a light brushing of Varnish and gives a much better 'mud' effect.

There are lots of different grades of flocks available on the market now and this heavier grade was used to indicate undergrowth around the fallen tree.

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Anonymous said...

See, that mud looks particularly effective in close up - no need for touch ups