Saturday, July 04, 2009

Steady Jones..easy does It...

After spending six months lost in work I have finally started to paint again...and It feels great! I had complete painters block after drawing for six months solid, a situation that had never happened to me before. I drew up plans and designs to get my mind fizzing again but I just couldn't get started.
My table, littered with half finished vehicles and figures was now covered in an inch of dust and I just couldn't change gear in my head. Then I came across the 'Art of War' Wehrmacht edition for flames of war. I'm not really into 15mm painting or gaming but the artwork and glossy pictures started to wake up my sleeping imagination again. On returning to my debris covered table I found my half finished British Platoon and with all the WWII painting tips in my head set about them like a man possessed. Another tip that helped me get started was to paint groups of three of four figures at a time rather than eight to ten man groups. I am happily painting away again now with the help of the Welsh fusiliers, Thanks guys.

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airhead said...

Glad to see you have got your painting mojo back. Try a new period? a change is as good as rest.

All the best Airhead