Sunday, July 12, 2009

Front of the Arch Secundi


Andrew said...

I think the most interesting thing about Constantine's Arch is that the decoration is mostly "cut and pasted" from other older monuments. The Great Trajanic Frieze appears there. If you ever want a good book on these slabs, check out The Great Trajanic friece, by Anne-Marie Leander Touati, 1987.

Looks like you had a good trip! I'm visiting upstate New York and plan on photographing the two French & Indian War forts there: Fort William Henry and Fort Ticonderoga. No Roman forts here I'm afraid!

Scutatus said...

Nice arch.

In the time honoured tradition of Emperors lacking talent, I see that Secundus isn't afraid to steal other people's works to improve his own architecture.

Don't worry, all these "Secundian" works will be renamed once Alanicus takes them. ;) :p

You do appear to have had a great sight seeing tour Si. I envy you.

Secundus said...

I've got them working on a 100ft bronze statue of myself at the moment, just so there's no doubt who rules Rome.