Wednesday, September 09, 2009

All quiet of the Western front

I'm afraid after many years of groaning, my computer at home has finally given up the ghost. This means there might be a little delay in war gaming/painting madness for a while.
The French are coming on great guns though, with the next batch of Voltigeurs being covered with mud as I type, ready for their new bases.


BigRedBat said...

Sorry to hear that! Computers can really be a pain.

Adelaide Gamer said...

When my ol' comp burned itself up I was distressed for a day or two of withdrawals and then found that I had lots more time on my hands for a wee while. Make the most of it :)

PS I love the recent drawings. They feel 'rich'. You've probably convinced me to get the Rifles book, I've been eyeing it off for months.

Scutatus said...

Sorry to hear that Si. Of course, it it was always on the cards. That Compy of yours was so full of handed down redundent junk and hidden nasties that I am surprised it has lasted as long as it has.

Still, on the plus side, at least you can now get yourself a brand new, efficient and clean system that is all yours and yours only now. Yes?

Secundus said...

Just got one on the weekend, trying to get the internet and Photoshop on it now. So It could be a little while longer yet.
The French are still going strong though, I have converted three regiments so far.

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