Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Two weeks with the Rifles

Hello, I'm back from my two weeks in Crete. While I was there I caught up with a book I've had for ages, ' Rifles' by Mark Urban. It follows the story of the 95th Rifles through their history and the many colourful characters who noted down their exploits along the way. Being surrounded by similar terrain to that of the Iberian Peninsula, I started to scribble away.

I found the book and It's characters a great source of inspiration, but couldn't resist drawing up the opposition as well. As I am painting up and reorganizing my French forces, I started to get carried away with Voltigeurs, the French light Infantry of the Battalions.


Kasper said...

Brilliant drawings as always - you are truly talented and thanks for sharing with the rest of us.
Best regards,

Consul said...

I can just imagine Hagman and Harris scrambling up those scree slopes on a scouting mission...and bringing back some tasty wild rabbits for dinner.

Anonymous said...

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DeanM said...

Have you ever drawn Mycenaeans or Minoans? I'd love to see you draw something like a guy (or gal - Athena?) with a figure-8 shield and wearing a boar's tusk helmet. Regards, Dean