Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Leading from the front

Unlike the British Officers who tended to buy their commissions and come from high born families, the French Officer rose through the ranks by acts of shear bravado and example. Jumping around in front of the troops like a mad man they made an obvious target for a rifleman and many paid the price.


me said...

Welcome Back Good Sir...!


mad padre said...

During my Officer Training they taught us to "Lead from the front" and "Lead by Example". What they delicately hinted at was that this made you a rather good target!

Espen said...

Your pictures are brilliant, i really love them!

I have a home brewery with a beer we call Grenadier. (It's a Bombardier clone). Is it possible for me to buy a copy of this picture for private use? It would make an awsome beer label! We do not sell our beer, and a typical batch is 45 bottles.

Espen from Norway

(Hope you are able to PM me through google account...)