Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Blade of Mordor

Make it Ocky with this attractive Mordor Goblin knife. Be the envy of you friends with this one time deal of a life time. Watch them laugh as you tickle maggot holes in them with this priceless relict of a forgotten Third age!

Poison sound separately.

I found this great looking Orc blade the other day in a mates garage and thought I'd better take a picture for reference.

I haven't painted any fantasy figures for over twenty years, but the the new plastic Orcs from Wargames Factory have tempted me.

The reason being they remind me of the old Angus McBride illustrations for MERP back in the Eighties.

Anyway I quite fancy painting some Orcs and as I'm listening to LOTR at the mo, I'm fully juiced up and raring to go.


Michael Awdry said...

Gosh, I hope yo've had your tetanus update! ;) Just off to Google Wargames Factory plastic orks... I so weak!

Ray Rousell said...

I can think of a few places I'd like to shove that!!!

Lee Hadley said...

Ray, after that last game we played I was considering slitting my wrists!

Scott B. Lesch said...

My father had something like that aboard his old lobster boat "Pot-Luck" out o' Rockport. Good for cutting tangled lines and repelling "boarders."

Do people get mad at Tolkien for making Orks sound like working class Brits?

Laughing Ferret said...

Great goblins!
I'm pretty sure I have some knives & screwdrivers like that in the garage.

Scott said...

Fun picture and an interesting find.

I too like the artwork from MERP - the cover of the 'purple boxed set' was excellent.