Thursday, August 21, 2014

All quiet along the Potomac tonight.

A Federal officer gives a rousing speech about protecting the Union to a group of tired pickets by the Potomac river, winter 1863.

This is an experiment with a new technique. This is a tiny image coloured with pencils and photographed with my i phone. The picture is then sent to my hotmail and down loaded, saved onto my computer, then up loaded to my Blog.

The colours aren't as sharp as they would be If I were to scan it in to Photoshop, but It does allow me to draw, colour and post cartoons quicker and easier. Over the last year or two I have struggled to find time to add any new drawing to my Blog due to not having much spare time, I'm hoping this quick technique will allow me to post more pictures in the future.


airhead said...

Hi Secundus, love your cartoons, you should check out some sketching aps, I use Artstudio lite its the free version. Quite good for doing quick sketches for work. You can save the images to your photos and then mail them to yourself.

All the best


commissarmoody said...

I like both styles. Do what ever is more fun for you

Michael Mills said...

I rather like the pencil, especially the trees in this one.

AHunt said...

I'd say for the blog this is more than satisfactory.

Mark G said...

I like it!

Anonymous said...

Can you please contact me reference a commissioned cartoon?