Monday, October 31, 2016

ACW Regiment Reference

I saw this illustration in a book and thought I would post it on here for reference for later use. This is a great image to draw inspiration from for when basing up my ACW regiments.

For years (1995-2012) my armies were units of the same figure in the same poses, at the time I thought this looked good until I saw armies based for the original Fire and Fury game.
Now I try to mix them up as much as I can, firing, advancing, right shoulder shift, loading, wounded, kneeling etc all in the same unit. If everyone is different, so much the better, I think this picture captures that exactly.
I always go on about the staggered, struggling line which I think captures the dramatic feel and atmosphere of the war, this basically means an advancing line that is all over the place and certainly not straight, again I think this image illustrates that.

Below is a shot of one of my Union Regiments with the new basing principle, I greatly prefer it to my old style of basing, much more dramatic and realistic.

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airbornegrove26 said...

Lovely image. Me and Dad have started doing the same. Well Dad mostly, I honestly enjoy some of my brigades looking the same, then paint them with 1960's hollywoods uniforms schemes...I know cringe. LOL I really draw a lot of inspiration from the original Fire and Fury rule book pics as well.