Monday, October 17, 2016

Emperor Toad's Emporium

Just received my order from Emperor Toad's Emporium, he makes scratch built war games terrain at a reasonable cost. I opted for the ECW village and a stable type barn.

ECW village £50

 I have in fact bought off him before from eBay but didn't realise it, my ACW fences posted earlier in the Blog are defiantly from Emperor Toad. Anyway back to these models. They are quite crudely made and have obviously been created at speed, the model is criss-crossed with glue gun strands.

However for all the quick dry brushing and crude painting the models do have bucket loads of charm and a kind of realism to them. At first glance you can get quite disheartened but once you take a picture of them or view them from the table they seem to spring to life.
This building had come lose in the post but nothing some glue won't fix.

 I would go as far to say these models make a great starting place to creating scenery, being a bit OCD I will go over these models and tidy up some of the detailing. Also I love the idea of fighting in half open building, so I plan to add a barn to the side of one of the houses. You know so guys can cram in there and get some cover.
 At £19.99 I didn't think this half timbered open barn was too bad, in fact I think that most of his stuff is good value for money. I certainly haven't got the time any more for making buildings, those carefree single, childless days are long gone. These building are the way forward for me and It also gives me a very fun project to do in tweaking them with washes and extra flock. I have just got Net flicks and released that it is the enemy of all things creative so might have to stop watching it for a month or two.

 Above is the barn as it appears on the web-site. The barn I got looks very rustic but I will cut the beams down to make them thinner.


Anonymous said...

Goodness me, talk about mis-direction in advertisement...

I'm really not sure why you aren't more disgruntled about it. That looks awful compared to the picture...

I know it's nice getting them painted, but have you considered Stronghold Terrain or, when at the times he's open, Grand Manner?

Only £10 more, but a far nicer model that you could have daubed in paint similarly to Toad in 10 minutes! :)

Secundus said...

I Hear ya, but for the money i wasn't too disappointed.