Friday, January 19, 2018

4x4ft PVC Battle mat from Amazon.

 Treated myself to a 4ft by 4ft battle mat off Amazon. It is very nicely detailed and really does look good from a distance. My only niggle is that PVC has a slight sheen to it and does reflect harsh light. Still at £40 I still think it was a good buy. At this price you could collect a small collection for different battles. A snow one would be nice. Might need to do some more research...maybe a cloth mat that could be rolled up would be better.
 The pattern is heath land I think, I thought it works on a number of eras and scales from sci-fi to ECW.


commissarmoody said...

Good find that. Still looking forward to seeing those 15mm figs used in a game.

Secundus said...

Yes Amazon does get a lot of bad press but there are a lot of good bargains
on there.

daveb said...

You should do a follow up post on your grav vehicles. Are all of them done or is the 'heavy' still a WIP?

Secundus said...

Yes you got it the heavy is still in the painting que. I bought another one yesterday so I can drop of some large vehicles or double fire teams.

They do take quite a bit of spray undercoat to cover the metallic paint of the toy, but I’m there now. Just got to mask it and spray on the lighter colour.