Friday, January 19, 2018

Resin Rocks from eBay

 Still on my fantasy journey I bought some resin rocks from eBay. They will look great for the Battle of the Five Armies. These were pricey coming in at £25, but they are good and paint up very well. These are painted with GW granite with brown and green washes.
 These have been made by casting slate fragments, It's a good idea and the results are very effective. If I had the time I might even give it a go myself...but that is a pipe dream :).


daveb said...

It does feel a bit weird buying rocks for wargaming, but I've done it myself. They look pretty solid. I hope it's a lighter resin or hollow? I can only imagine the weight of a box of those if they are solid casts.

Scalene [Warfactory] said...

Couldn't you just use actual slate? Looks very nice anyway.

Secundus said...

I quite like the ready made bases makes my life a lot easier .