Friday, January 19, 2018

LOTR Snow Troll

 I have been playing around with the idea of creating some Snow trolls for my Gundabad army. This army is already getting very troll heavy as I bought two forge world 'War beasts' for Christmas.

 Any how, with the release of another box of Dark Alliance war trolls, I got the idea of creating two Snow dwelling nightmares. I took my reference from the non-cannon game 'War in the North' and the Snow trolls created for that game.

 When I saw the 20mm new hard plastic trolls from DA with a leather hoods I got the idea of an easy conversion. The idea from the game is that these trolls cover themselves in the remains of their victims high up in the mountains, so lots of fur and natural hide with horns and tusks.
 I like this idea as It does make them stand out from other trolls in Middle Earth and gives them a distinct character. Also makes them look very wild and feral.
 I took far too long puzzling over how to class them in Dragon Rampant but then hit on a fantastic idea. I will make them Lesser war beasts so they will be fast and fierce in combat. However the main selling point for me was the fact that they will have three hit points each, this is the same as all my other smaller trolls. This pleased me because I am I mean because I didn't want these trolls to be weaker than my others in wounds. Also I will give them the 'Venomous' trait to give them more chance of inflicting damage, this represents their immense strength and foul temper.

 As well as fur I left a lot of raw skin exposed on the hides and a few tusk like horns. I can't wait to start painting them up, partly because I have been waiting for YEARS to put some snow on a's my chance at last.
Got to have some snow on a Snow trolls base right?!


James said...

Looking forward to seeing these.

Fred Jackson said...

That looks pretty good so far.

Rob Alderman said...

Love these - very inspiring.

Have you seen the catapult trolls? I wish they were 28mm!

Secundus said...

Yes I have...I probably won't be getting them though as they might be too small for my armies. A straight Hobbit rip off but hey I'm not moaning. Very useful.