Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Dice markers for Bonnie Blue flag

I have been very taken with a set of easy to learn ACW rules I found on the Cavilier books site. I am always on the look out for interesting rules to do with the ACW as it is my first war gaming love. 
Being badly Dyslexic I have always struggled to learn most rule sets that go into loads of charts and detail but this set was simple enough to learn and gave a great taste for the period. So that said,I set out to collect the few counters I would need to play it.

 Basicily each unit requires an rating to see how much more attrition they can take before they quite the field, this is done with dice. I had tried to get mini dice locally but failed, so managed to secure some 12mm D6, these I thought though were getting on the large side. However after many frustrating phone calls my Pay Pal account was fixed and I could go to my favourite store...Warbases. They had everything I needed, including the coloured mini dice and even holders for them to sit in.
 I came up with a simple plan to hide the dice from view once on the table and to add to the scenery. These little markers will be covered in tufts and bushes to hide the dice from the opposing player. The less visible dice on the table, the better.

I have big hopes for this game and I'm desperately trying to get as much done before the curse of the war gamer gets me and I see something else which pulls my attention away. For this reason I am avoiding Salute and war games magazines like crazy.

These dice are 7mm and are perfect for hiding behind lines of guns or Infantry.

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