Friday, May 10, 2019

Page War!

Texan Sherman IV’s come under static fire from Federal heavy artillery. A Sherman 10 prepares its mega cannon in response. Texan infantrymen run for cover but take heavy loses due to the open terrain.
 Federal troops move up but are slowed by scramble wire and purple gas canisters.
 Armoured Hood walkers lurch into action, they too find it hard going through the incoming kettle gun fire. A MK4 Razorback is hit in the leg and taken out. The 23rd armoured Jackson division is stopped in its tracks and starts to withdraw.
 As the Texans retreat more Federal troops advance to secure the victory. A heavy Tomtom cannon breaks the last of the Texan resistance.


Don M said...

Well that's how I got in trouble in school :-)

commissarmoody said...

A hard and well fought battle. No one can say that the Texans are not brave to the end.