Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Zulu Tray!

 Well it’s time to dust off the old Zulu factory again and punch it into overdrive. Another box of Perry Zulus are lined up for the spray can. This is my third box and it’s good to make and prime these things when you have a spare moment. It makes a nice change from brush painting and means you can watch a bit of TV too.
 These Perry boxes are great and I’m still enjoying putting them together. The real fun comes by trying to create a pose you haven’t done before. The nice thing is that with multiple boxes there are so many extra spare bits to work with from old sets. One of my favourites is a running pose with an aiming gun, this shows the Zulus had guns but weren’t too experienced in using them. Another new favourite is a guy running with a knobcerry and an out reached hand about to grab a poor soul and knock him into a cocked hat.
A touch I tried this time with the new box was to rough up the edges of the shields with my file as I tidied them up. Not sure how this will look in the end, but thought I would try it. Hopefully It will add to the look of the raw hide shield, but we shall see.
 Well what can I say...there's a joke in there somewhere.
The Zulu painters must have, a can of burnt umber spray paint. This stuff is wonderful and makes painting these chaps a breeze. It looks very watery when wet but drys nice and doesn’t clog detail. Over this base colour I will dry brush the Foundry paints African flesh paints ‘B’ and ‘C’.


Phil Curran said...

Yes there are some remarks but this is a family blog.

Hmm how come you're lawn doesn't have dandelyons.

I'll pick up some of that spray for my orcs !!!

caveadsum1471 said...

Looking good! I didn't know liquatex did sprays, great paint I shall track some down!
Best Iain

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