Friday, March 06, 2020

Another Green Stuff Night

 Tonight I cracked on with the Wolf Rider project. I have been too tired after work to do much lately so tonight was a long time coming. I finally got to Chance to make a batch of green stuff cloaks and even finished off a Cave troll while I waited for the putty to harden.

 I gave this Cave troll green scales like the one encountered in Moria, “For the Shire!”.
Having made more Green stuff than I needed, I gave a couple of spare Goblins some cloaks too, should  help keep them warm in the Gundabad wastes.

 Waste not want not, these Oathmark Wolves/Wargs have been drummed into service now their riders have gone. The liquid Green stuff helps with the lack of fur and with some dry brushing they look okay.
 They are large animals but seem to fit in well with the horde, the more the merrier.


Jacksarge Painting said...

Looks great, those greenstuff cloaks & furs should paint up a treat!

Secundus said...

Thank You, I've enjoyed these guys a lot.