Thursday, October 02, 2008

The Battle of Narona

As the V Macedonica shattered into desperate groups of fleeing men, Flaccus eager for glory, raced back across the field and entered the fray. Near the river, the last of the Macedonica had formed a tight knot of fighting men. This group continued to withdrawn unhindered, for the greedy Marcomanni passed them by for easier pickings. That is until Flaccus came upon them with his Pannonian Horse.
Riding straight for the formation, Flaccus smashed his way through their shield wall and started to beat down on them. Much to his surprise, the entire force throw down their arms and pleaded for mercy at the hands of these fellow Romans, rather than face the wrath of the Marcomanni. So it was that the last of the V Macedonica ceased to be a fighting force and became a long straggling line of weary men, destine for the slave markets of Germany.


still anonymous said...

Errm, as Roman Citizens with some military experience, wouldn't the remnants of the V Macedonica have been recruited into Secundus' army instead?


Secundus said...

Yeah a lot of them were but a few found themselves on the markets.