Friday, October 31, 2008

Plastic Celts

Crude but effective when painted these cloaks should help to break up the unit.

I have finally finished my skirmishing band of Celts from Warlord Games. I found these figures great fun to put together and paint. To personalize them further I added a few cloaks to hide any sign of joining. I also wanted to have a go at painting some Celtic style tartan on them. I find by adding little extras like this to units, It makes me want to see them through to the end and not get side tracked in to something else, with so much to choose from on the painting table I have developed little ways to help me stay on target. Other painters out there will know where I'm coming from on this one.
I kept the cloaks big, flat and wide, so I could paint a nice checkered pattern on them without too much trouble and eye strain.
To give them the look of skirmishers I replaced their large shields with small round Skirmishing bucklers, a small touch but it helps them to look a little more nimble on their feet.


Still Anonymous said...

Nice work, as always! Have you ever considered using paper to make cloaks?

I used to make them out of paper in my old Airfix days, but am wondering how well the material (and technique) would transfer to detailed, larger-scale figures ...


Secundus said...

I've never heard of that before, might be worth a try.
Mind you I am enjoying pushing the old 'Greenstuff' around, it makes me feel like a sculptor.

Aren said...

I'm waiting for my miniatures from wargames factory and I go saterday to CRISIS in Antwerp to buy more celts from warlord games. When I have some celts and romans painted I will send you some pictures. Go on with your fantastic blog. good luck. greatings, frederik viaene.

Secundus said...

Thanks Frederik I'd love to see some pictures of those Wargames factory Romans, I've been wondering about those for some time now. I checked your Blog out ages ago and was very impressed with your handy work. You have added loads more since the last time i looked and it all looks great.