Friday, October 03, 2008

The Battle of Narona

With his entire Legionary force crumbling away to his right, Terentius ordered a general retreat. The Marines and Gallic Auxiliaries withdrew in good order across the river and headed back for Macedonia. A quick thinking Primus Pilius ordered the Eagle of the V to be given to a Decurion and sped back to Thrace, It was one of the only remnants of the Legion to return to the province. Terentius, lost in the confusion, ended up back at the fortified camp a few miles south of the battlefield. Once there he started to plan and scheme for the future, coming up with a plan of giving himself to Flaccus, knowing that Alanicus would never forgive his failure. Secundus would certainly welcome such a general as he into his ranks without a second thought, Terentius mused.
Secundus never got the chance. Terentius was found dead; murdered and buried under tents within the camp by his own 'Little Bodyguard'. However, Flaccus knew his fate would of been no better at the hands of Secundus.

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Good riddance!