Friday, October 31, 2008

German Armour

This week I have finally got round to finishing off my German Platoon for 'Rules of Engagement'. The Platoon was finished before really but I couldn't help add another machine gun nest and some heavy support. Basing my collection around the events of D-Day 1944, I have covered my vehicles in foliage to help keep them from Allied eyes.

I had trouble finding a Panzer IV with the added side armour so have gone for the Panzer III, as soon as I find a more suitable model I will paint it up, I hear Bolt-action Miniatures are currently making one. I decided to hand paint the decals as I had trouble buying them on line, I will keep trying though as I have four half-tracks to paint!

The Panzer leads the way followed by the StuG III, the infantry mans' best friend.
This machine gun nest is equipped with the dreaded MG 42 or Hitler's saw, due to the noise it made.
A few twigs from the garden were gathered to make this nest.

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Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Now they look fine indeed... looking forward tot he game reports and your thoughts on "Rules of Engagement" - I'm a "Blitzkrieg Commander" player but always interested to hear about the alternatives..