Sunday, December 07, 2008

Brother Bren and his mates

More Brits to join the fight.
Here are two members of the Bren team. The ten man section was divided into two teams, three men which formed the Bren team (officer, loader, gunner) and the other seven who formed a rifle team. As the Bren team would lay down fire and suppress the enemy, the rifle squad would use cover and try to move up and flank the enemy position while it was pinned down. Both teams worked in tandem with each other to get the job done.


Almost Anonymous said...

Great stuff! What manufacturer(s) are they by?


Secundus said...

I did a lot of looking around and comparing miniatures before I bought any Brits, there are lots to choose from, but only one make really got me. These are from Crusader Miniatures and I think they are the nicest on the market to date in 28mm. They are a little chunky but have great character. I used these to create my entire Platoon. They also produce some with bare steel helmets that will add variety to the units.