Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Above is another Celtic tribe I created last year. The Dumnonii have black and red shields and have a very war like appearance. I also gave them animal furs with 'greenstuff' and animal motiffs on there shields that show off their hunting prowess. This touch was inspired by the book 'Frontier wolf' by Rosemary Sutcliff. I also gave this tribe their own style of war paint with a thick band of woad across the eyes.


Andrew said...

I'm a connoisseur of Iron Age / Roman shield blazons, and I love the La Tene designs you created. I'm glad to see the hide-shaped shield on the far right (the one with the cut outs at the top and bottom). Archaeology shows this type to have been the most common shield in Iron Age Britain, so it should really appear more often among our little Celts. Who made that model? Renegade?

airhead said...

Great looking shield designs, and the blue on the faces works a treat. Definitely one for the inspiration folder.


Secundus said...

These are a mix of both AandA miniatures and Gripping Beast.

I will dig out some more of these hide-shaded shields for you Andrew for my next batch of Atrebates. They will be painted in your honour.

Snickering Corpses said...

Those are gorgeous looking! Very impressive figures.

If you were doing Gauls I could give you a huge list of tribe names from the old Avalon Hill "Caesar at Alesia" game. :>