Friday, December 05, 2008

Buried Alive!


Andrew said...

Better hurry up! I've often wondered how old the average gamer would need to be in order to finish painting all their guys. I'm thinking about 400 yrs old.

Secundus said...

I know it's the call of a new army that just keeps calling. Even if it never gets painted, it's just nice to know it's there.

Also I love the moment when you dig out old forgotten figures and give them a lick of paint, that's very rewarding.
I also like to think that i have stock piled figures for a rainy day. As figure prizes soared over the last three years it was good to know I had a lot of armies ready in the bag, waiting to be used. By buying them when I did (often in bargin sales) I saved myself hundreds of pounds. Taking of saving money, I think this new move to hard plastic is a fantastic idea and will be the saviour of large 'horde' armies.

Almost Anonymous said...

So, what is the new army going to be ...?


Secundus said...

I've been thinking a lot lately of my 'Front Rank' British Napoleonic army I've had sitting in boxes for about five years. Front Rank make beautiful figures and I was amazed at the detail of the piping on some of the uniforms. The Horse artillery figures are stunning. Lately I have ordered a box of the new hard plastic British from Victrix, just to have a look. It got me thinking again about the old horse and musket era.

However I have to stay strong and focused, I have started a Platoon of WWII British Tommies for 'Rules of Enagament'. I have almost finished my first ten man section.

After that I may get back to Alanicus's Eastern army and paint up some slingers and horse archers.By doing this all the Roman armies will be complete. With so mush great stuff around at the moment it is becoming a real struggle to stay focused and on target.

Airhead said...

Looks like one sharp move of the elbow in the wrong direction and the poor fellow will be entombed like some latter day Chines Emperor, with his nameless armies along side him for eternity. Great work.