Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The joy of painting Celts!

After studying and researching 20th Century soldiers where the colours have to be spot on, It was great to get back to using my imagination again. I thought I'd free myself up with a few Celts. Using the white horse hill carving at Uffington as a guide, I created this Atrebates warband.
Ever since I had seen the Uffington horse, I had wanted to recreate the tribe who would have used it as a tribal boundary, the Atrebates.
I have given the Atrebates black hair to add to their Belgic appearance.


Almost Anonymous said...

Great, inspiring work, as always! Is that Commius of the Atrebates in the winged helmet?


mr. webster said...

Another great post. I love the idea of different tribes in the same army. You've made them both look very distinct. Love the woad around the eyes.

Ideos said...

i found this blog looking for some pictures, but i think i found much more.