Sunday, August 02, 2009

Setting the scene (Campaign Battle 1)

This is the peaceful town of Senones in Gaul, normally a quiet little place but this was about to change as two huge Roman armies descended on the tiny settlement.


Almost Anonymous said...

Alright! A battle report at last!

How did you model that ground cloth - it looks as though there are cart tracks and patches of earth here and there?


Secundus said...

Sorry about the delay, family life and work leaves me little time to Blog any more but I will try my best to keep it going.

Every time I get the board out I do little repairs with flock to fill in worn or torn areas, this creates great little patches of different colours everywhere which looks good. I try to turn them into little dirt tracks and the like, so it turns out the more I use the board, the better it looks.

For this openning shot I used a little Photoshop to expand the board and add some pale roads and a little smoke from the building.

Secundus said...

See the above post for a better picture of the actual battle board. It was however slightly too large to fit in to one photo, so you have to imagine a wooded end to the board on the far left.

Scutatus said...

Ah, here we go. Looks nice and quiet doesn't it? :) That won't last.

The scenery was and is fantastic. Your battlefields always look so breathtaking Si. :)