Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Quick grab some shields!

They are almost done now. I will shade the shields by hand as they will be the main focal point of the figure.
I can't believe how quick I knocked up this bunch of no goods. I have to say It has put the enjoyment back into painting for me as I was getting a little bogged down. I already have another ten hopefuls waiting on the work bench. Next up I might tackle those long over due slingers.

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Messanger of Death said...

The more I look at your miniatures the more I am tempted to get into Historical War gaming. But for now the pile of Lord of the Rings and Black Templar miniatures need to be painted.

Looking forward to more updates and would love it if you made an in depth tutorial on how you make your terrain. Or posted up some links of where you get your inspiration (plus materials).