Tuesday, December 01, 2009

The quicker, easier route...The Dip Side.


Consul said...

It's good to see my comment has inspired a drawing!

The Celts look great by the way.

Secundus said...

You were right!...tell your sister... you were right about the dip side...sigh...dead

Consul said...

I saw these figures and thought of you.


C47 (Caveman Characters) would look great as characters in a barbarian army don't you think?

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

The nice thing about army painter other then finishing armies quicker is it gives you a break from more exact painting.This way when you go back and paint other armies the normal methodical way you still know things are getting done and not just piling up.:-)


Beccas said...

You have failed your dipness. I'll never join you. I am a painter like my father before me.

Docsmith said...

Hahaha - love your cartoons, great use of colour with the ink. I have not dipped and I shall not dip - at $20+ a bleedin' tin I think I'll continue to make my own washes. As an artist yourself you may have heard/used Rotring Artist Colour pure pigment. (those Germans know a thing or two about colour). A drop or two in distilled water goes a long way! You can make literally any shade you like at any strength. Army Painter-shmainter - I'll have the trad wash technique any time.

V nice job on the Celts BTW, dipped or not.


Secundus said...

Beccas...then If you won't be turned...you will be destroyed... evil cackle...lightning. Surprise at be lifted...falling...falling...dead.

BigRedBat said...

Nice cartoon!

I've got a bottle of Future Floor Wax, which I've been meaning to try with inks mixed in. Allen Curtis swears by it...