Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Voltigeurs on the work bench

As there are so many to paint, I tend to use a lot of washes to speed up time. After painting or spraying the figure white, I give It a wash with watered down 'Drab C' from the Foundry paint range. When this is dry I paint on the highlights in white again. The faces and hands are Foundry 'Flesh B' washed with watered down brown Ink. The blue of the coats are painted using the layer technique as Is the wood of the musket. The gun barrel is painted silver and washed with black Ink. By using washes on these guys I can race through them and not get too caught up and bored with detail.The messy figure obove has just recieved its Drab wash and is in need of highlighting and cutting back with the blue.

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