Sunday, February 28, 2010

French Aide de camp

'Tom T' asked me to post a little about how I paint my faces. Very simply is the right answer, I have given this one eyes as he is on a command base.

I start with painting a base coat of Flesh b from Foundry. When the coat is dry I give It a wash of brown Ink, them highlight with Flesh b again. The most Important thing I think Is painting in the crows feet next to the eyes and maybe a line across the forehead and as much facial detail as you can make out. Oh well I told you It was simple. For this guy I mixed 50/50 Flesh a and b to get the shade colour as I didn't want It too dark. I hope this helps Tom.


VolleyFireWargames said...

I love your cartoons do you draw them yourself - can i borrow the napoleon one and the aide de camp for my blog they are jusy too cool

Secundus said...

Yeah sure no problem.

~ Tom T said...

Thanks so much Secundus! I truly appreciate it. Sorry for the delayed reply ~ I've been ill. Thankfully much better now and ready to get painting!

~ Tom T

Lannes said...

i cant wait to see your art work as it keeps me amused you should make a book
great all round site
ps hope you look me up