Tuesday, February 16, 2010

No 6: Weapon Bit Box

Hello and welcome to another addition of Hobby Window, the series that brought you 'paint pots of the world' and 'Death by sand'. This week in the spot light...'Bit Boxes from around the world'. So lets kick off with that most handy of Bit Boxes...No 6: the weapon Bit box.


Chris Cornwell said...

you are way too organised...I just have several boxes full of random stuff..in equally random locatons..means I get a nice surprise occasionally when I find something I actually want

Anonymous said...

How do you keep track of which manufacturer made which bit, and of which bit is for which period and/or army?


Almost Anonymous

Secundus said...

I mix and match my periods a lot. I like to give Caerarian Legionaries the Later Scutum for example and make them Eastern troops. I also give my Celts a range of shields, the ones carrying extra javelins are very useful.

DeanM said...

That is a lot of future projects - and I agree - you are very organized.