Thursday, June 17, 2010

French heavy cavalry.

French heavy cavalry don't come much heavier than this...the Cuirassier. Big men on big horses, the ultimate shock weapon.


Anonymous said...

love your art work amazing,
would you be interested in doing me some ?

Secundus said...

I'm sorry but I can't really do requests.

Anonymous said...

hi secundus,

what i meant was do you sell your artwork, i'd be interested in buying some artwork.



Secundus said...

They only exist on my computer i'm afraid but the illustrations are up loaded at a high resolution. So If you like any of them you can print them out and frame them for free, I won't mind. All the best Secundus.

Anonymous said...

have you a email address where i can contact you

Secundus said...

This may sound a bit secret Squirrel but I can't really give out my e-mail. Sorry, but do feel free to print out any pictures you like for your own use.
It's only when people want to publicate them that problems arise.

Davenz said...

Love the work of art..
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